Updated August 15, 2020


This page documents available information regarding alleged sex abuse by teachers at the Saint David's School in New York City. It is not funded nor supported in any way by Saint David's School or any survivor of sexual abuse at the school, and was begun in the winter of 2020 solely in order to publicize this situation and to help survivors heal.


As of August, 2020, four teachers - Rey Buono, Bob Ludlow, Chuck Jones, and Charlie Rich - are accused of having sexually molested boys at or outside the school during the late 1960s and through the mid-1970s, and discussions/mediation/litigation has ensued as a result of the New York Child Victims Act.

Rey Buono left Saint David's in 1973 to teach at Milton Academy in Milton, MA. He is alive and facing criminal child rape charges currently in Norfolk County District Court in Massachusetts. At this point, despite allegations against Buono and requests for investigation made by Saint David's alumni, Saint David's has taken no action regarding Buono.

Bob Ludlow died in 1996. A civil case for $20M has been filed against Saint David's seeking restitution for his crimes against several nine-year-old boys in the early 1970s. 

The New York Post has written two articles about these cases to date: "Elite NYC School ..." and "... Sued Over Decades Old Sex Abuse Allegations."

To date Saint David's has taken a defensive stance against alumni who are asking for restitution and compensation. 

St. David's is an independent day school from PK- 8th Grade on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Students come from many walks of life, but include wealthy neighborhood families as well as the children of celebrities, such as football star Tom Brady.


Saint David's emailed its community in mid-December, 2019, to report  that there had been allegations of child sexual abuse at Saint David's in the 1970's, by an apparently deceased teacher. We were invited to share any information we had about this situation.


I spoke to the Headmaster, David O'Halloran, and to the school's counsel, Sharon Nelles, of Sullivan and Cromwell in NYC, and gave them a name which they had not considered: Rey Buono, a man who is very much alive and currently under house arrest at an undisclosed location in New England. Three years ago, he was accused of molesting students at Milton and was extradited to the US from Thailand where he had lived for many years.


Buono was indicted and tried on charges of child rape in 2018, but the case was dismissed, and then appealed, and as of March 26, 2020, the case is being returned to court. See this recent court decision.

I reached out to as many St. David's alumni as I was able, because I discovered that perhaps half of St. David's alumni did not receive the school's email of December 11. Appalling stories about both men were disclosed to me. One man, who had not received the original notice from St. David's, and only spoken of the matter to his sister and mother years ago, told me his story of abuse at the hands of Bob Ludlow in a classroom at St. David's when he was in 4th grade, in the early 1970s.

In early August, three other men reached out to me to report abuse at the hands of a third teacher, a musician named Chuck Jones. Unconnected to the filing of a civil complaint on August 7, agains the same teacher, these men had never spoken to anyone of the abuse before. Chuck Jones remains a ghost, undiscoverable, at least via internet searches. Any information about this man is much appreciated.


See my blog for more.

The documents here tell the story of what has ensued since December 2019. My interests are in helping to find justice for anyone and everyone harmed by these men's actions. I am not employed by any litigant nor by any litigant's counsel and began this advocacy with no thought or plan of compensation. However, I have come to know all of the players in this situation,  from counsel to Saint David's to the men who have come to me with the expectation of confidentiality. While my sympathies lie with survivors, as I am a survivor myself, I am also interested in helping Saint David's to do the right thing. This has meant compassionate but firm communication with the school.

Letter from Saint David's to Saint David's community, December 11, 2019

Letter from Milton Academy to Milton Academy community February 21, 2017

Charles Huschle Letter to Saint David's community, February 20, 2020

Charles Huschle Letter to Headmaster O'Halloran, et al, March 12, 2020

Charles Huschle PRESS RELEASE OF MARCH 24, 2020

News Reports:

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Speak to Saint David's Headmaster Dr. O'Halloran directly at 212-369-0058

Direct questions to Manhattan (NY County) DA Nicole Blumberg of the Sex Crimes Unit

Contact Michael Wigdor, Deputy Chief Investigator at the District Attorney’s Office, who can be reached at 212-335-8981.  The District Attorney’s Office will not only collect information, but can assist with victim resources.