This new page is dedicated to providing information about Rey Buono, a teacher at my elementary school, the Saint David's School, in New York City, where he was employed until 1973, after which he moved to Massachusetts to teach at Milton Academy.

    *****PRESS RELEASE OF MARCH 24, 2020*****


    Saint David's emailed its community in mid-December, 2019, to report  that there had been allegations of child sexual abuse at Saint David's in the 1970's, by an apparently deceased teacher. We were invited to share any information we had about this situation.


    I spoke to the Headmaster, David O'Halloran, and to the school's counsel, Sharon Nelles, of Sullivan and Cromwell in NYC, and gave them a name which they had not considered: Rey Buono, a man who is very much alive and currently under house arrest at an undisclosed location in New England. Three years ago, he was accused of molesting students at Milton and was extradited to the US from Thailand where he had lived for many years.


    Buono was indicted and tried on charges of child rape in 2018, but the case was dismissed, and then appealed, and is currently (as of 2/21/2020) awaiting a final decision by the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts.

    In addition, besides Rey Buono, I have received the name of another teacher who molested boys at Saint David's School in the 1970s. He is the deceased teacher mentioned in the original letter of December 11, 2019. 

    As I reached out to as many St. David's alumni as I was able, stories about this man came to me. Appalling stories. See my blog for more.

    The documents here tell the story of what has ensued since December 2019. My interests are in finding justice for anyone and everyone harmed by these men's actions. 


    Letter to Saint David's community, December 11, 2019

    Letter to Milton Academy community February 21, 2017

    Charles Huschle Letter to Saint David's community, February 20, 2020

    Charles Huschle Letter to Headmaster O'Halloran, et al, March 12, 2020

    Information on the New York Child Victims Act

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    Speak to Saint David's Headmaster Dr. O'Halloran directly at 212-369-0058

    Direct questions to Manhattan (NY County) DA Nicole Blumberg of the Sex Crimes Unit

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