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Where The Good Lies

True or False?

___ “Ut viri boni sint” only applies to Saint David’s students, not its male faculty and administration

___ “Boni” is Latin for “Buono” which sounds like “boner,” which would be kind of inappropriate if it weren’t for the fact that former Saint David’s teacher Mr. Rey Buono is a child molester

___ Rey Buono, Bob Ludlow, Chuck Jones, and Charlie Rich are the names of men who raped Saint David’s boys in the 1970s.

(click on the above image to be taken to Saint David's home page,

and scroll to the bottom left to watch this video

narrated by Headmaster David O'Halloran on "Where The Good Lies")

Other retired and current teachers knew this was happening but did nothing.

They’ve all:

____ been paid off to be quiet;

____ signed contracts that forbid talking about “it”;

____ abide by “omertá” since Saint David’s is the UES arm of the Corleone Family;

____ thought to themselves, “Who cares? It happened so long ago ... just get over it,”

____ felt too ashamed to bring it up

___ One teacher is reported to have seen Bob Ludlow molesting a 4th grader but did not report it

___ I had a crush on this teacher when I was in the Lower School at Saint David’s

Upon learning about allegations about sexual abuse a year ago, Headmaster O’Halloran and the Board of Trustees immediately informed

___ the FBI

___ NYPD

____ Manhattan DA’s Office

___ An independent investigator

___ No one except their defense counsel

____ The words “alumnus” or “alumni” are used in all communications from Saint David’s regarding these matters

____ The Roman Catholic Church spent more than $3M to fight the passage of the Child Victims Act in New York

____ I don’t know what the Child Victims Act is

____ The DA who prosecuted Harvey Weinstein went to Milton Academy

____ Rey Buono molested boys at Saint David’s before going to Milton to teach and rape there too

____ “Pass the trash” was a common term used when school adminstrators wrote letters of recommendation for such teachers so that they could go on to teach at another school

____ The Judge who sentenced Harvey Weinstein went to Saint David’s

____ Milton Academy helped extradite Rey Buono from Malaysia back to Massachusetts where he faces two counts of child rape

____ What goes around comes around, kind of

____ All of the employment records kept by Headmaster David Hume during his tenure have disappeared since the first allegation of abuse by teachers was made a year ago

____ Ten men from classes of 1970 through 1975 have reported sexual assault from those teachers

____ Saint David’s has supported all of these men in their claims, believes them, and plans to do everything in its power to help them recover

____ Seven of those men have filed lawsuits against Saint David’s for millions of dollars

____ “In loco parentis” is the legal concept that when a parent is not present for a child when s/he is in school, the school has an obligation to ignore any assault, crime, or any victimization against the child and to protect those who commit such crimes, because it must act “loco”

____ Saint David’s has issued a public letter of support for its alumni who were raped

____ Former Headmaster David Hume knew that rape was a common occurrence in the school and did nothing to stop it

____ One out of every six boys will be raped in their life

____ If not immediately processed and recognized, the effects of being molested as a child can include depression, anxiety, alcoholism, addiction (to drugs, sex, gambling, etc.), confusion about sexual identity, suicide, multiple divorces, job loss, complex PTSD, and prostate or breast cancer

____ An appropriate financial compensation for a Saint David’s alumnus who was raped by Bob Ludlow in 4th grade, for example, is about $1M, which, if the alumnus has been in any kind of therapy, or suffered job losses, might just barely cover those expenses over the past 40 years

____ Saint David’s endowment is worth over $70M

____ Saint David’s administrators have informed all faculty, new and old, about the sex abuse cases

____ Saint David’s Latin motto should be revised to “Nos viventem mendacium.” If you need a translation, ask Mr. McLaughlin, who was close friends with Bob Ludlow.

____ Last winter, Saint David’s fundraising gala had the theme of “Behind the Mask”

21 of those statements are true.


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