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Today, I don't have much more to say than DNA is DNA and we all come from the same source and crawled from the same salty ocean, and that the fundamental delusion that we are separate is the source of all the strife in our hearts and the world, in us and among us.

The fundamental delusion is what keeps us asleep. It is the oily substrate of defensiveness, resentment, jealousy, clinging, wanting, pushing, addictions, suicide, law suits, bullet holes.

The fundamental delusion of separation is what makes Saint David's School continue to hurt the boys who were hurt so badly years ago.

When people or institutions cling to this fundamental delusion, you really have one choice to make: how do I walk away from it? And, who is my real community? Who really "gets it" that we are in this together - who is willing to be with me in all my humanness, and in his and hers?

We breathe the same air that was here a thousand years ago. We are made of carbon compounds that have recirculated and recycled for millennia. You are me. Let us please relax.

Whenever you've let go of something that you have held on to so tightly that it hurts - a person, an idea, a belief, a job, a place, and so on - have you not felt such a great relief among all the other feelings that are there too?

(Osho Zen Tarot Card, "Two of Swords," also called "Two of Air."

Letting hands or feet loosen their grip, and the fall, may take your breath away.

But how much energy are you putting into holding on?

How much breath is being held and

how tight are you all over your body?

At what expense do you struggle?)




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