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Child Abuse at My Alma Mater - 1

In the past few days, stories have come to me about another teacher at my alma mater besides Rey Buono, another man who taught at the school from about 1962 - 1974. His name was David Ludlow. He was a homeroom teacher in the 4th grade, and also a math tutor. He is apparently deceased. It is safe to say he was a monster.

Fourth graders are typically ten years old.

This teacher - of course, we still refer to him as "Mr. Ludlow," since we still carry that ten year-old boy around with us - was known as a disciplinarian.

He was such a disciplinarian that he told one boy "I will kill you if you tell anyone."

("Tell anyone that I sexually molested you," he means - I know you get it, but in these cases, things need to be really, really clear).

"Sexually molested" or "faculty misconduct" or "sex crime" are all such vague terms, aren't they? Let's make them concrete so we can really see what happened, and understand what happens in America every single day [RAINN estimates that every 73 seconds an American is sexually assaulted (]

Of course, sexual assault will look different depending on the perpetrator and victim's age, weight, size, and gender, the context, and the power-relationship between them. In the end, though, it's all the same: the perpetrator (usually, a man) with more power than his victim, rapes/abuses/molests/assaults that victim and tells him/her to be silent.

In this case, we have a man between the ages of, say, 25 - 35, and a ten year-old boy. We have a classroom with polished hardwood floors in a school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It's around 3:30 PM, after most classes have been let out, but Mr. Ludlow and a boy are still there, because Mr. Ludlow has waylaid him on his way out.

Let's say Mr. Ludlow weights about 200 pounds and the boy is 70 pounds, which is about average. So what happens when Mr. Ludlow pulls the boy by the neck into his classroom, and tells him that if he talks about what is about to happen, he will kill him? If someone three times your size said that to you ...

I'm not going to let you imagine. We're done imagining.

Mr Ludlow could:

* make the boy suck his penis

* suck the boy's penis himself

* pull the boy's pants down and fuck him in the ass

* make the boy give him a hand-job

* stick his tongue into the boy's mouth

Anything I've left out?

I'm imagining this teacher tousling the boy's head when he was "done," and saying, "Remember, I'll kill you if you say anything about this!"

Here's what I looked like in fourth grade.

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