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Buono Back to Court

In case you missed it back in March - just when everyone was going under the covers to hide - Rey Buono was sent back to court in Massachusetts for raping children at Milton Academy. You can read the story in the Boston Globe here

What doesn't get into the story is that he raped students from my alma mater too, St. David's School on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It's notable because he directly impacted the lives of at least three boys, now men, who were in my graduating class of 1976, either at the school itself or on the bicycle trips he used as cover for his real intentions. Here we are.

Children. Some of us were tall and large for 8th graders ... but we were 12, 13, 14. Children.

As I've said before, St. David's needs to initiate a real investigation into what Buono did to boys at St. David's. To date, it has not. Shame on you, St. David's.

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